Dorothy (WHITE) Patterson
Dot White catching up on some
overdue paperwork at the center.  Cam
Ranh Bay, 1967.
Peggy Mott and Dot White in a "290" (Dirt mover).  Cam Ranh Bay, 1967.
L - R  Danna Martin (partly hidden), Glenda Allen, Barbara Lynn, Dot
White and Peggy Mott waiting for transportation.  Cam Ranh Bay, 1967.
Doreen Miley (Smiley) serving kool-aid to a G.I. at one of the bridges at An Khe, 1968.
Vietnamese children gathered to see American women, Bridge #18, An Khe, 1968
"The Gang"  L - R (Front  row):  Bernie (Unk), Glenda Allen, Diane Spitzer, Dot White, Danna Martin. L - R (2nd Row): Peggy Mott, Doreen Miley, Barbara Lynn and Virginia DeShano.
Doreen Miley, Dot White, Janet Lindersmith, Jan Olson hard at work,
An Khe, 1968.
"G.I."  Dot White, Cam Ranh Bay, 1968.
Danna Martin and Dorothy (Dot) White serving cake and coffee to the troops.

Jan Olson and Bev Gasper "in the field" near An Khe, 1968.
Dorothy Olson and some G.I.'s entertaining Vietnamese children at a
Christmas party, An Khe, 1968.
Kaki Bardin visiting with some of the
(appear to be SF troops), An Khe, 1968.
Sally McMurray in "the latest fashion" at An Khe, 1968.
Jan Lindersmith, Sally McMurray and Dorothy Olson "modeling" for the troops.
Mary Bielefeld and some G.I.'s at our center, An Khe, 1968.
Mary Beilefeld is narrating our "Happy Hooch" fashion show, An Khe, 1968.
Gigi Gunther at our "Red Cross Girls' Fashion Show," An Khe, 1968.
"Roughing it!"  Diane Steinhauser using rain water to wash her face (we had no water at the time).  An Khe, 1968.
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 Dolly (Hasselwander) Howe

Programming at the 6th Bn, 14th Artillery.
Serving lunch at the 589th Engineers.
At the Viet Nam Women's March and Memorial Dedication.
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With the Cav at the Dedication .
Sandbagging at a firebase.
Drinks on the flightline, Phan Rang.
Dolly and Shirley at Pleiku.
Troops of the 2nd Bn, 1st Cav at a fire base near Song Mi.
Dolly Howe at a fire base (An Dell?)
This is a page from the Welcome Book Dolly got at Phan Rang. The Kool Aid and coffee recipes might bring back some memories.


 Janet (Olson) Fortune

Me and part of the Co C, 3rd Bn, 8th Inf, 4th Inf Div -- Dak To, 4th, Infantry Divison.
Camp Enari 50th Anniversary of the 4th Infantry Divison. Janet Olson, Ann Dawson, Lois Hartvigron, Dusty Hall, Laura Coates, Pleiku.
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Cafe in Dalat, war is hell!
Me and Sid ? Cam Rahn Bay
COL Hammil reading my palm Binh Ba Island, Cam Rahn Bay.
Dusty Hall and friend, Pleiku.
Bob King Delta, driver, Camp Enrai, 4th Inf Div.
Program time!
John Emory and friend - Orphanage near Cam Rahn Bay.
Me and Dave holding a baby ocelots.
Cost me 14 rabies shots.
Ann Dawson drinking hot chocolate in bunker on hill 1338.

 Glenda Allen

Cam Rahn Bay, 1968 -- Playing cribbage with GI & Peggy Mott
(in fatigue jacket).
Cam Rahn Bay, 1968.
Patty Bright, CPT Watts and Glenda with very dirty faces after riding back to Lai Khe on APC.
Donut Dolly house in Lai Khe.  Note the hammock on the left.
Glenda & friend at Cu Chi or CRB.
Taking telephone requests at Radio Lai Khe.
Holly McAlease (left) & Glenda at Cu Chi.
Judy Graves -- Lai Khe, 1968.
LT Bob Izzard and Glenda at Lai Khe in July, 1968.
Max Gregory, our buddy next door, Lai Khe, 1968.
Cu Chi, 1967.. on the way to Dau Tieng.
Glenda on the air at Radio Lai Khe, May, 1968.
Nancy O'Neill (left) and Lois (unk) at Cu Chi, 1967.

Nancy (CARACCIOLO) Warner

LZ Baldy when I was with the Marines in Danang-1970.
Programming in the Red Cross Center in Danang-1970.
Red Cross Center in Danang with non-regulation hair-1970.
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These are the donuts who were in Lai Khe with me - taken in August 1969 in front of the DD hooch.
Taping the Red Cross radio show with DJ Dick Downes at AFVN on Monkey Mountain in Danang-1970.