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  Patty & friend - Chu Lai.
 LT Ken Salzer -1st Cav.
Patty & MAJ Sink of the Robinhoods.
CPT Ron Baker - Robinhoods.
Glenda Allen & COL  Acuff - Lai Khe.
Patty & friend in Lai Khe.
 Big Red One troops - Lai Khe.
 CPT Steve Fortenberry - 2nd tour, 1970 - Phu Loi   (Big Daddy).
 Larry Young Hines , Carol Krupp.
Carol Krupp, Jay and Larry Young Hines  at LZ West March, 1969
Reunion  Jay 2nd from the left ????
Dong Ba Thien 18th Eng. Bde Aug, 1968
Row 1 Mary (Blanchard) Rowe and  Jane Herring.
Row 2 Lola (music) Kramer and Kathy Matthias.
Row 3 Larry (young) Hines and Diane "Dee Dee" (Reddeman) Lee.
Americal March, 1969, on LZ West  196th Inf, Bde.
Sallie Daniell, Anniston AL.  Larry (Young) Hines, Lexington NC.
On LZ Center 196th Inf, Bde. 3/21 Larry (Young) Hines.
R&R: Singapore - 1967 Judy Hansen (ARC Danang)
LT Richard Bachmann,USN (IUWG Cam Ranh Bay)  
1966 Class of 14
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