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 "Kitchen Blues"
Pilot and Major Jim Crowder, Lai Khe.
 Lai Khe troops.

Playing games along Hwy 13 outside Lai Khe.
Jim Crowder, Patty & Suzi painting Lai Khe Rec. Center.
  Heading out to NDP to play games with Big Red One troops.
Lai Khe Dollies.
CPT Grady & Lt. Romano.
 Lai Khe soldiers.
  Patty & Jim at Hail & Farewell party.
 CPT Al Ziegler.
  Hail & Farewell party - Lai Khe.     
 LT Tony Romano - Lai Khe.

 Hail & Farewell party.
Hail & Farewell party.

  Lai Khe gang.
Hail & Farewell party.
  Lai Khe village people.
CPT Grady, (unknown Lt.) and LT Romano.
General Hay and officers.
Lai Khe Donut Dolly bunker.
Patty & Frances with General Westmoreland.
 Major Jim Crowder & LT Tony Romano - Lai Khe, ' '68.
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