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 COL Sidney Marks,  3rd Brigade Commander, 1st Inf Div.
Ann Spillane & Pam Harvey - Chu Lai, '  '68.
 Pam on island off coast of Chu Lai.
 Patty & troops making soup - Chu Lai.
Bringing in equipment along Hwy 13 north of Lai Khe.
 Specialist Jon Boller - Americal Div.
 Americal beauty parlor.
Americal troops from California.
 Ann, Pam, Sheelagh and Patty headed for LZ outside Chu Lai.
 Mary - LZ "Lizzie"  (I think this might be a duplicate too).
Mary & Patty & Chu Lai soldiers.
Mary & Patty with island children.
 Island kids - off coast of Chu Lai.
 Americal Cal soldiers - Chu Lai.
 LT Ken Salzer - 1st Cav - Chu Lai.
"Thunder Road" shower house.
Sharing breakfast - Lai Khe.
 Lunch in Chu Lai.
 Playing games in Lai Khe.
General Hay - LTC Jerry Edwards, Commander of 2nd Bn, 28th Inf, Lai Khe.
Suzi Biamonte & LT in Lai Khe - 1968.
1st Inf Div.
 1st Inf Div.
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