Misc. Photos 2
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 Big Red One troops
Lai Khe Donut Dollies Frances Stewart, Patty Bright, Unknown
and Gail Allen - 1967
 Robinhoods - (unknown), Patty, and Tom Stanley, 1968.
Patty, Dave Otto and Frances in Lai Khe Village,1968.
CPT Grady and  LT Romano - Lai Khe.
Bob Hope arriving in Lai Khe - 12/1967.
 Big Red One pilot.
 Patty & Americal cook in Chu Lai.
Mary Tsinnajinnie & Patty Bright - Chu Lai, ' '68.
Ann Spillane, Kay and Sheelagh Fields in Chu Lai, ' '68.
Pam Harvey & Chu Lai kids.
LZ Lizzie - Americal Div.
 Americal soldier.

 Mary Tsinnajinnie.
Mary at Chu Lai LZ "Lizzie."
Sheelah Fields at LZ  "Baldy" - Americal Div.
Steve Fortenberry and Patty - Lai Khe, 1968.
 Mary - LZ "Lizzie."
LT Fortenberry - Chu Lai.
 Chu Lai children on island off Chu Lai coast.
 Americal troops near Chu Lai.
Mary with Americal Div. - LZ "Lizzie."
Mary again with Americal Div.
 Pam Harvey - Chu Lai.
Friendly Big Red One bout - Lai Khe.
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