Misc. Photo's
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Pam Harvey at Chu Lai
 Photo by: James E.Caccavo.
Big Red One outside Lai Khe .
Big Red One troops.
Big Red One troops.
1st Inf Div soldier - Lai Khe.
1st Inf troops waiting for Bob Hope show - 12/1967.

General Westmoreland at Lai Khe, 12/1967.
Americal troops - Chu Lai.

 Robinhood pilot - Lai Khe .
Quan Loi, 1967.
Big Red One -soldier .
Robinhood LT Russ and Patty Bright - Lai Khe.
 Donut Dolly Recreation Center - Lai Khe 1967.
LT Dave Otto heading home - 1968.
 1st Inf Div soldier - Lai Khe.
 Da Nang children .
 1st Inf Div .
Playing Liar's Dice in Lai Khe .
LT Dave Otto, Suzi Biamonte & CPT Al Ziegler.
CPT Goudat - Lai Khe.
Heading for NDP on Hwy 13 with 1st Inf Div.
Quan Loi, 1967.    
WO Tom Stanley, unknown WO, Frances Stewart, Patty Bright and Cpt. Ron Baker at the Robinhood's in Lai Khe, 1st Inf Div, 1967-68.
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