Scrap Book
 Jeanne (BOKINA) Christie
 From left to right, top to bottom,
 Kathy Wickstrom, Korean Colonel (Unk), and Sam Christie at White
Horse ROK Camp.
Sam "adapting to a new kitchen."
Orientation in Saigon, 1967 - Rosemary Cook, Sam and Lois (Sp? - Last name Unk).
Sam fishing off Phan Rang, Fall of 1967.
Inside of Freedom Hill Center, July, 1967.
A program stop Ninh Hoa.
Jan (?, last name Unk).  Stop near Tay Ninh, Spring, 1967.
Some of the Marines in DNG area.

Just one of our stops in '67.  Don't know where other than in VN.
Orientation in Saigon - Jan 1967 .
Sam - getting a lesson "It was with the Marines and they were sometimes shy when it came to talking with donuts, so we could always ask them to explain about weapons.They always complied."
Sam's most illegal act!
" Hey, if I get caught just tell them it was Rocky the Flying squirrel Besides, what is the worst they can do to me?, send me to Vietnam?"
Magie Ware Pierson - TET 1968 in Saigon. Eating the only donuts I saw during my tour in VN.
Barbie Dean - Phan Rang, 1967.
Donut Dolly House in Da Nang, ' 67 "It looks so quiet but the stories it could tell. Do you remember the night sniper fire came in the windows? Or the night the motars hit the airfield and we all huddled in the laundry room ?"
First girl, can't remember her name (Ellen Muth?).  Girl in truck, Cal Brooks, 1966 - 67  "Of course the women were never armed - it's only your imagination that a pistol is stapped to her shoulder."
Haven't a clue - just left at a Donut Dolly reunion.

My guardian angel in Nha Trang -
MAJ Don Jutz   (Whose sunglasses are better?)
With Montagnards "I really think two water buffalo and a jug of wine is a good trade. But I also want a few more
of these crossbows. Actually did get the offer from the Chief - only he wanted to keep the blond woman in the deal".
"Big Mama" ARC - SMH, Maddie Franzen, "CPT Marsha" -- coming back from Hon Tre Island.
One of the many towers we climbed outside of DNG.
Vianne "Bunnie" Revier (Sp?) and Maddie Franzen, early 1967.
Learning to fire a gun - DNG, 1967.
Gail Allen and LT Phil Gigante (Navy) at bar in Donut Dolly Hootch, Nha Trang.
Back:  Robin Brown and Maddie Franzen.  Front: Sam and SGT Cox, Nha Trang Center.
Gay Noel, COL King, Kay Brownfield and Pat Rowan, Phan Rang 1967 - 68.

 Rita Babraitis
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 Genie (NIXON) Fulkerson

GENIE and Genie
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CPT  and Genie
Friend and Genie on R&R
No subject Mom, we are just talking!