Jeanne (BOKINA) Christie
How the gunny made me a SAM = I had lost my nametag in DNG and was working
at the Marine flightline center one day [which was blown up shortly thereafter]. You know the marines - I was out of uniform  .... and they were giving me flak - SO this gunny came in and handed me the SAM pin. I put it on and forgot about it. The next AM we were to do the photos for the TV station there and tell what was going on in the ARC Centers. So I realized I didn't have a correct name tag and couldn't explain why or who, and I just introduced myself as SAM. Stayed that way after- 1) I always had fun with the name, 2) it made the guys in the field guess all sorts of reasons/names, and 3) it always made me smile when I said it, 4) If I got in big trouble ... nobody really knew my name.
Born in Madison, WI back a few years ago..... I get younger every ten years.
Graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Art Education. Masters from Miami of Ohio in Educational Supervision. Currently ABD at the University of Connecticut in Educational Leadership.
Viet Nam:
(I know that place- I was there) Nha Trang, DNG, and Phan Rang. Started in 1967 and left in 1968 during Tet, dressed in a flight suit with an [il]legal manifest on a C130 headed toward Okinawa. I really had a set of orders but for leaving out of Saigon in ARC attire.
Yes, for over 30 years!! He was in the Navy during the Vietnam Era. We met on Guam while I was working for the USO.
The oldest one has just finished her Masters from Warton and is traveling  to SE Asia this summer. The youngest, got her Masters in Public Health last year and is getting married this June (2001).
I feel like I am a perpetual student- just granted a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  The rest of the time I am a wife and a long distant Mom. We adore the vizsla breed of dogs and have shown and raised them for years- so I am a 'kennel manager/helper /groomer'.... You get the idea.
Guess my work on Civil War women has become my hobby. I was given a book from a VN Vet as a thank you several years ago. The book was about the women during the war (1861-1865). From reading and feeling that the war, my focus changed and I have enjoyed researching and writing about the ladies. I worked for the National Parks Service as a volunteer one year and created "No Place for a Woman: The ladies of City Point, VA" which has toured to many locations. Biggest kick was actually reconstructing what the various groups of women did during their days at City Point when the Army of the Potomac occupied the area.  If anyone is interested, check out a new book this June called From the Home Front to the Front Lines (Ed) Eileen Conklin.  In my spare time I work on my "Dead Ladies" stories, a get my highs finding new information in various archives. One of these days it will go into print.