Ginny (DE SHANO) Smith

Vietnam 67 - 68

Ginny, Tom, and his granddaughter

Home Town:   Eagle River, Alaska since 1976
High School:  North Central High School, Indianapolis 1962
College:   Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana George Washington
                 Univ., MA
Served in Vietnam:   Sept. '67 to Mar. '68  Cam Ranh Bay Army
Served in Vietnam:   Jan. 10th to 19th                 tdy Chu Lai)
Served in Vietnam:   March to June                     Phu Loi  (1st Division)
Served in Vietnam:   June to July                         Bear Cat (9th Div.)
Served in Vietnam:   July to Sept. '68                  Dong Tam  (9th Div.)
Marital Status:    Divorced after 16 years
Current Status:  Significant other and his children and grandchildren
Occupation:       English Teacher (retired)
                            Maker of stained glass windows
Hobbies:            Hiking, biking, rollerblading, ice skating, cooking for family
                           of commercial fisherman and friends.
E-mail:   [email protected]