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Photos Taken In Viet Nam
 Patty (BRIGHT) Fortenberry

Patty and Frances Stewart in Lai Khe.
Patty serving on the chow line at 3rd Bn, 82 Arty, Americal Division, LZ West.
Patty talking with Artillerymen of the 3rd Bn, 82nd Arty, Americal Division, LZ West.
Officers of the Americal Division in Chu Lai. Farewell party
Holding a round with a troop from 3rd Bn, 82 Arty, Americal Division, LZ West.
Playing "Dolly Games" with members of Co C, 4th Bn, 31st Inf, Americal Division, LZ West.

Patty and Frances with Phil Duncan on Thunder Road (Hwy13) headed for NDPs with mail from home.
Patty being the barber with Co Co, 4th Bn, 31st, Inf, Americal Division, LZ West.
Dolly place unknown!  Help!
Picture by:
Phil Duncan, Black Lion, 2/28 A and HHC, Oct 67 - 68.

Patty Americal Divison, 1968,  Chu Lai.
Frances Stewart in the Lai Khe Red Cross hootch with shrapnel damage, Tet, ' 68.
Frances & Patty with killer knives and LRRP hats in Lai Khe.
 L - R: Kay, Patty Bright, Mary, Pam Harvey, Sheelaugh, Ann.

L - R: Margie, Patty Bright, Ann, Pam, Misty, Helen.
LZ West with 4th Bn, 31st Inf.  Americal Division.
Mary Tsinnajinnie with the Americal.
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Patty & Frances telling General Westmoreland how to run the war.
Mary Tsinnajinnie with the Americal at LZ Lizzie.

Patty and Frances serving "Koolaid" in Lai Khe.
Patty and more Ops.
Patty with Bruce Peters from the Robin Hoods.
Patty after a successful fire mission.
Patty bottom right.  Girl in middle may be named Sally.  Help find her and the others!

Patty at Lai Khe International with Infantry troops. This guy below is the epitome of a VN grunt.
Patty jumping rope with Americal Div,
' 68.
Patty waiting for the ' 67 Bob Hope Show in Lai Khe.

Patty calling in fires at LZ West.
Playing games with Americal GI's at LZ "Lizzie" outside of Chu Lai, '68.

Glenda Jackson and Patty serving "Koolaid" in Lai Khe, Jan '68.

Robin Hood's Tom Stanley, and Patty at Lai Khe, '68.
Patty peeling spuds at Lai Khe.
Patty Lai Khe, '67.
LT Dave Otto, Patty in Lai Khe, ' 68.
COL Acuff's aides and Patty in Lai Khe, ' 68.
Suzie Biamonte Lai Khe, ' 68.
Frances Stewart and Gail Allen in Lai Khe bunker during Tet, 1968.  
Frances Stewart, Patty Bright (Unknown) and Gail Allen, June, 1968.
Patty Bright and Margie Holt in Chu Lai.

Ginny Smith and Patty sharing VN stories and discussing website.
Patty with LT Russ, Robinhood Crossbow.
Patty waiting for chopper pick up in Quan Loi airstrip tower.
Unknown, Frances Stewart and Tom Stanley, Robin Hoods Lai Khe.
Ann Spillane and Patty Bright LT Steve Fortenberry. He asked Patty to marry him then.....on the rocks.....full moon....warm tropical getting this picture?????  ;-)
Suzi Biamonte, lucky soldier and Patty Bright, Lai Khe, Sept, ' 68.

Patty, Dave Otto and Frances Stewart, in Lai Khe Village, 1967.

Patty with kids in Da Nang, 1968.
Tom Stanley and Patty, Robinhoods, Lai Khe.
Patty with Co B, 2nd Bn, 2nd Inf, East of Highway 13, and South of Ben Cat, Jan '67. (pic by Steve Delacy)
Patty and another Dolly with Co B, 2nd Bn, 2nd Inf, Jan '67.
(pic by Steve Delacy)
Patty and unk friend again.
(pic by Steve Delacy)
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 Ginny (DE SHANO) Smith
Cam Ranh Bay, Army, 1967.
Nikki Roska, 1st Div.
Mary Ann Hughes, 9th Div.
Santa and Smiley (Doreen) Miley.
Fresh, New Recruits.
Christmas 1967, Cam Ranh, Army.
Smiley Miley and Ginny DeShano.
Susan Wimber at Chu Lai.

 Jan Woods
Jan Woods with troops in a rubber plantation in Quan Loi, 1967.
Jan and "friend" at a Special Forces camp somewhere along the
Cambodian border, 1967.
Jan on R & R in Maylaysia, 1967.
Jan  (Far right) with Lacy Daniel Murphy and Sara Haines in front of
ARC hootch at Phu Loi, 1967.
Jan flying highway13 from Quan Loi to Lai Khe on Highway 13.
Jan at "Di An Last Resort" (Red Cross Center) - 1st Inf Div, 1967.
Jan and Eileen Conoboy at entrance of house in Di An.
Jan in Ben Duoc Tunnels, Cu Chi, Vietnam (sitting on a hospital
bed), 1994.
Jan taking an early morning walk on China Beach, Vietnam, 1994.

Dee Walton and Jan at Rebel helicopters in Phu Loi, Jan, 1967
DD's from Di An reunite at the dedication of the Vietnam Women's
Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1 Nov 93. From Left: Linda Morgan Maini, Jan Woods, and Dee Walton Hodges.
Jan astride a stone horse Hue mea
Tomb of Tu Duc, 4 May, 1994.

 Penni Evans


Penny, Cam Rahn AB, summer, 1970.

Penni in Khe Sanh, Jan - Feb, 1971 during Operation Dewey Canyon II.Standing by Buzz Tomai's chopper. Buzz & Penni were students together at Sonoma State and they met by accident in Quang Tri.
Penni, Quang Tri, Mai Loc, (photo by Robert Sanford, 1st Bn, 5th Inf (Mech).

Penni, Khe Sanh, 1971

Penni, Quang Tri, Dec '70, (photo by Robert Sanford, 1st Bn 5th Inf (Mech).

Penni at either Charlie 2 or Alpha 4, DMZ, Dec 1970 (Quang Tri).
Penni, Khe Sanh, Jan/Feb, '71.  She and Pat Rowan were stuck overnight because of bad weather.
"Display I put together for Seattle Library, Nov '93, for Veteran's Day."
"Display I put together for Seattle Library, Nov '93, for Veteran's Day."
Penni, D.C., 1993.
T.K. Curry, Barb Lilly, Unknown, Pat Rowan & Penni Evans, Nov, '93.

Memorial in Washington D.C., photo by Penni Evans, November, 1993
Penny, CRAB, summer, 1970.

Penni, visiting San Juan Island, WA, 1996.
Pat Rowan and Penni Evans (aka "Chicken Little"), Nov, '93.
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